How to resolve a leaked mobile battery

Smartphones have now become a need for many people. Most people even use smartphones to facilitate daily work.

Having a new smartphone is fun, but it will become annoying if the battery is quickly exhausted.

Well, do you have a good smartphone, but the battery is fast running out aka leaked?

You can do some of these tips so that your Android smartphone's leaking battery doesn't run out quickly.

1. Select Dark Color Wallpaper

Dark color Wallpaper turns out to be powerful to keep battery performance from running out quickly.

The use of animated wallpaper or Live wallpaper is not recommended to be used on smartphones that are quickly exhausted because it will drain more power.

2. Turn off Google provisioning apps

Sometimes in some smartphones a lot of Google apps are built-in. Therefore, it is better if some of those applications are disabled.

If you are a person who often uses a Google search with sound mode, it will make the battery wasteful.

3. Use the Battery saver feature 

For you users of Android Marshmallow OS will be equipped with battery saving features or Doze Mode.

The application has sensors that can detect unused applications so as to conserve battery power.

4. Diligent Application Update

Updating the application is indispensable to avoid damage or error. Not only so, but this effort is also done so that the application can run well, lightly when used and can avoid excessive battery power.

5. Set the screen brightness

Setting the dark of the smartphone screen manually not only makes you comfortable when using a smartphone.

This is one of the effective measures to slow down battery weakness.

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