Gatot Nurmantyo: Retired must arise to prevent the extinct state

Former TNI Commander-in-Chief (Purn) Gatot Nurmantyo reminded the retired people to make changes in order to keep the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) not extinct.

Gatot conveyed this after his visit to the senior TNI for the current conditions and situation of the Indonesian nation.

 "I just delivered it. The point is that in the present situation we are resurrected and Beregedak or our country will be extinct,  "said Gatot in the celebration of Halal Bihalal event held at Masjid At-Tin, TMII, East Jakarta, Tuesday (25/6).

As a former soldier, he reminded that the oath committed while still active as an army where loyal to the NKRI and Pancasila will never disappear before the sound of a salvo or a final tribute shot for the soldier and the former The warrior while in the sink does not sound.

 "As long as we can still hear it, we are still bound to the oath," press Gatot.

On that occasion, Gatot also gave the Pandanganya a question of please 4 in Pancasila which was judged to have lost its current meaning. Not only that, he alludes to the dangers of global civilizations that threaten the nation's sovereignty.

"This is if we are not wary, such as Aboriginal tribes, lost and other tribes. Who else is concerned if not we,  "he said.

The former KSAD also highlighted the economic cooperation that he thinks is a necessity, but in such cooperation, was reminded not to eliminate the living space of society.

"Vigilance is the price of independence. Retired must rise or the nation will be extinct,  "Gatot re-confirms.

In the event it seemed a few retired attending, such as Marshal TNI (Purn) Imam Sufaat, Lt. Gen. (Purn) Sjafrie Syamsudin, Lieutenant General of TNI (Purn) Agus Sutomo, Lieutenant General of TNI (Purn) Agus Kristanto, General of TNI (Purn) Sriyanto, General TNI (Purn) Dicky Waenal Usman, and general of TNI (Purn) Haris.

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