Error the Data Entry of the Real Count, This Is The Cause?

JAKARTA - The former Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud M.D. judging, errors in data entry or enter the election results by the Electoral Commission (the ELECTION COMMISSION) was an accident. Because, according to him, the error occurs only a small percentage compared to the total data that has been entered.

It said Mahfud while visiting the offices of the ELECTION COMMISSION on Wednesday (24/4). Arrival Mahfud was indeed meant to be checked against the data entry system to the election results. Because, currently growing in the community about the often incorrectly entered data FROM alias is not appropriate as there are results at polling stations (TPS).

The number of POLLING STATIONS that already reach data entry 241,366 TPS. Then, enter the data errors occur as much as 105 times since it was first up to the present. Of the 105, 26 events in them are reports from the public. While, the rest is its own ELECTION COMMISSION findings.

The number of such errors, according to Mahfud, there may be mistakes that carried out structured. For, the data entry errors do not happen more massive. From there, hence the confusion that would mean there are only 0.0004 percent or 1:2,500 POLLING STATIONS.  "If properly structured, must high percentage, " said he, Wednesday (24/4).

Mahfud added, the error entering data that isn't just targeted one candidate (paslon) president-vice president. Two candidates both got the advantages and disadvantages of some mistakes that entry.  "So, it's unlikely that a structured, " says he.

Later, Mahfud also confirmed, the servers are in the country. Whole person operating IT systems FROM the native Indonesia. Indonesia also all its people.  "Because of that, people should be quiet lest the election undermined hoax, " said he.

If, however, there are still those who do not believe will be the performance of the Election Commission, there are still the law of the forum. According to Mahfud, there are two legal forums that can be followed. First, the law in the sense of the application of regulation demonstrated the determination of the moment on May 22, the national election results. All parties are allowed to expose the data.

If it still does not believe the legal forum, in the sense that there are still disputes in the Constitutional Court (MK).  "So, everything is calm, so that the community and certainly have to keep an eye on. We do not consider that land should be justified kesa, but must be understood and it can be solved in Buffalo on May 22 the data later. So, do not act singly and continues to spread hoaksseakan-there will be engineering,  "said Mahfud.

The winner of the National Agency (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno Salahudin claimed the pair number sort 02 can wins hands down. However, the Chairman of BPN Djoko Santoso, the numbers claiming the away deliberately cheated.

 "Although cheated, we (Prabowo-He) still WINS. If not rigged, can be up to 70 percent, 80 percent,  "said Djoko in TMII area, East Jakarta (Rapids). Although it is rigged, he said, the result of internal tungan penghi BPN still put Prabowo-he is on a winning number 62 percent.

Djoko, who was a commander of the TNI that rate, action against fraud during the presidential election he is Prabowo-2019 brutal on all lines.  "Cheaters against Prabowo-the password, it's incoherent. They did it with a planned, systematic, massive, and  "said he.

Action fraud against Prabowo-He was, according to him, it still happens to this day. At this time, said Djoko, a form of cheating that occurred during the counting. Djoko claim, many reports refer to the process of recapitulation of votes from POLLING STATIONS in the C-1 published Election Commission, profitable paslon 01. Because of that, Djoko asked the entire volunteer and supporter of Prabowo-the password remains hard work escorting voice 02.

Claims of victory He already presented Prabowo-official more than four times. However, claims victory 70 to 80 percent to the figures recently launched 02 stronghold. However, claims of victory that he is Prabowo-stronghold opposite of results calculate the C-1 while the version of the.

The page Count System voice (Situng) ELECTION COMMISSION until Wednesday (24/4) at 19.30 GMT, still put Prabowo-He gains sound with 44.19 percent, while Jokowi-Ma'roof of 55.81 percent. On May 22, a new ELECTION COMMISSION will announce the official results of the presidential election vote count 2019 at the same time establish the winner.

Commissioner of the Election Commission, Viryan, says, there are 105 times error C1 scan data entry happens until Wednesday (24/4) night. The mistake was observed from the report community and internal controls.

Consisting of 26 community reports the incident, then the results of the internal monitoring of 79 events.  "Meaning is the ELECTION COMMISSION seriously keep the process running, " says Viryan.

Then, go Viryan, out of 105 that error as much as 64 Genesis errors repaired entries. As many as 41 other events are in the process of improvement.  "Public who give input on us, we say thank you. Because of the openness of the ELECTION COMMISSION, then confusion. Thus, this part of our openness and transparency as the organizer of the election,  "said he.

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