Marquez to record the most angled 66 degrees maneuver

Marc Marquez showed in the race for the MotoGP Sachsenring, Germany. The Repsol Honda Racer was doing the absurd and definitive science.

The Spanish driver maneuvered a 66-degree tilt turn in a training session.

On the maneuver and position like that the motor ridden Marquez and the right side of the body is really  "Kiss" Heat the asphalt of the circuit.

The angle of slope as the cornering also broke the previous record that he had made at Mugello in the number 65 degrees.

The maneuver can be said to be nearly impossible when calculated with the physics formula. In addition to being able to tilt more than 45 degrees, somehow Marquez can make a heavy motor that can be straighter again.

Reported by Visordown, Marquez says it does not because it enjoys a dangerous way. He did it precisely because of his motor configuration which requires him to turn with extreme tilt.

 "If you pay attention to this year we turn too tilted. The reason is because the motorcycle does not turn. Therefore I do this way not because I like it, but because I need to do it,  "he said.

It seemed to be a challenge for Marquez to do more cornering in each of his trials.

 "We tried to find more turns by modifying the chassis," he said.

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