Ice cream Challenge spread in the United States, police intervened

Police in the United States have arrested a 36-year-old man for licking and dropping his finger into an ice-cream product before putting it back on a supermarket shelf at a grocery store.

The man identified as Lenise Martin III had recorded the action and uploaded the clip on his Facebook account, quoted from CNN, Tuesday (9/7/2019).

Louisiana police where Martin was headquartered believed that he was inspired by a viral video originally uploaded on June 28, describing a woman licking an ice cream product labeled Blue Bell at a supermarket.

The woman then put the product that she changed with the shelves on the shelf.

"We believe it is an imitation incident. He did so and he did want to make a fame for himself by posting it on Facebook and that's what he did,  "said police commander Lonny Cavalier to CNN.

Martin who is currently in police custody claims that he pays for the product he played in the video. However, it may not be enough to free Martin from mistakes.

Social media users seem to dub that action as the "Ice Cream Challenge". Other emulate videos also appear showing the user secretly trying to ruin the ice cream products in stores.

In a separate report by WAFB, a police spokesman warned others not to do the ice cream challenge.  "We prevent anyone from copying this terrible action. It is illegal. It's health risks for others. We'll be chasing after anyone we see doing this. You will be charged.  "

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