Why Prabowo use the word 'disappointing'? This is the answer

A political observer of the Indonesian Public Institute (IPI), Karyono Wibowo appreciates the attitude of the couple president-vice president 02, Prabowo-Sandi who received the result of the verdict of the Constitutional Court (MK) in the hearing of the election dispute decision, in Jakarta, Thursday, although Prabowo was disappointed by the ruling.

"The disappointment is certainly natural and humane. It may be acceptable why Prabowo's speech in responding to the results of the COURT by using the "disappointing" diction, probably because Prabowo wanted to keep the feelings of his supporters who had struggled for him,  "said Karyono, in Jakarta, Thursday (27/6/ 2019) night.

According to him, the politician Prabowo realized that 44, 5 percent of the elections in the 2019 presidential election should be kept as political capital for now and in the future.

 "The most important is the attitude of the decision to receive the COURT despite the lack of sincerity," he said.

Prabowo-Sandi's attitude that received the court ruling is to be recorded by the Indonesian people.

Therefore, he hopes forward no more ambiguous and ambivalent attitudes. It is time to stand still and demonstrate an attitude of unselfishness and to give examples of good and righteous democracy and to become an ethical, political example.

With regard to the Constitutional Court ruling that rejected the entire Prabowo-Sandi lawsuit, he said that many parties have predicted it.

 "Since the beginning of suspected violations of the elections that are structured, systematic and the massif (TSM) such as the Legal Counsel of BPN Prabowo-the password in the petitology is not supported with sufficient evidence tools," said Karyono.

Witnesses of the facts and experts presented at the trial, he said, also could not convince the court. So the court assessed the evidence proposed by the applicant has no legal reason.

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