Prevent user to send wrong images, WhatsApp try a new features

WhatsApp was rumored to be working on its new platform. This feature is to make sure the user does not incorrectly send the image to the wrong contact.

These WhatsApp features come in app beta updates. Later, users will see the name of the recipient under the heading to re-check the name of the person they sent the image to.

Furthermore, the feature will be available for images shared with individual and group chats. So, it will also help the user to check the group name before sending the image.

To get the new features, WhatsApp users on Android need to install a version of 2.19.173 or later, quoted from Unfortunately, the feature has not officially launched in the application or still in the trial phase.

Although it is still a beta version, the Instagram party says if it will soon launch the feature on the original version. Unfortunately, it is still unknown, whether WhatsApp is also working on similar features for iOS users.

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