Nomu M8, the world's first antibacterial mobile phone

Mobile phone manufacturer, Nomu, announced their new smartphone. Its name is Nomu M8. The phone has an advanced anti-bacterial protective coating.

Reported by Pocket Lint pages, smartphones are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Nomu's research reveals that it finds more than 10 million bacteria on every phone.

A quarter of mobile phones carry 10 times more than the number of acceptable bacteria. That is the background of Nomu to make the first antibacterial phone in the world.

The Nomu M8 is planted with ions on the glass surface wrapped by the phone. Glass also has antibacterial with high efficiency.

The antimicrobial glass M8 2.5 D It adopts the technology of nano-antibacterial treatments, which can inhibit harmful bacteria such as algae, fungi, and fungi from breeding.

The process eliminates the growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus with sterilization efficiency reaching 99.99 percent in testing thanks to the silver ions enabled to produce reactive and oxidative oxygen that outlines the virus Bacteria.

The phone also comes with an IP68 certification. Resistant to droplets, dust, and water and soaked in water 2 meters for 1 hour.

Nomu M8 also comes with a dual camera 21 MP feature. The Smartphone also has a thin thickness of 10.7 mm.

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