9 tips to reduce smartphone radiation impact

Smartphones or mobile phones are often associated with radiation emitted when channeling or searching for signals. Radio Frequency (RF) radiation found in smartphones is the cause of danger.

Exposure of RF radiation in duration and long-term may result in some diseases. Diseases that often arise from the effects of radiation such as dizziness, sleep disorders, and cancer.

In addition to RF radiation, the light radiation of the smartphone screen is also not less harmful, especially for eye health. Reported by the Idntimes page, staring at the smartphone screen in a long duration will make the eyes tired and dry.

1. Do not place smartphones near the ear when calling

The easiest way to avoid radiation impacts is as much as possible to keep smartphones away from our bodies. Avoid calling with your ears, it is thought to close the radiation source with the brain. So, it is advisable to activate the loudspeaker or use the headset while calling.

2. Avoid buying smartphones with high radiation

Each smartphone is sure to have different characters and advantages. It all depends on the type and manufacturer that makes it. Well, before buying a new smartphone, make sure the phone has a low radiation level.

3. Avoid storing your smartphone on clothes bags

The practical shape makes it easy for us to keep it in our pants pocket or our shirt pocket. However, this habit should be avoided as smartphone radiation will be very close to the body and in a long duration. Preferably, you can save your smartphone in a bag.

4. Use airplane mode when not in use

This one feature is what you can use as a barrier to smartphone radiation impact. If you're forced to keep your smartphone in a clothing pocket, turn on airplane mode. In airplane mode, the signal will die, this disables radiation from the smartphone.

5. Limit the call duration

It often happens when calling your brother or friend to forget the time. Long duration of radiation exposure will add a bad impact to your body. Moreover, the biggest radiation occurs when we are calling. So, talk as needed, if many will be discussed, it is better to meet directly.

6. Measure the border of the eyes with the smartphone screen

In addition to the RF radiation waves, the smartphone screen also creates light radiation that can damage the eyes. Measure the safe distance for your eyes, so that your eyes stay healthy and out of trouble.

7. Don't play smartphone before bedtime

Often we use smartphones to sleep while still holding it. Exposure to radiation emitted will make our sleep unsoundly. So you should reduce your smartphone playing while going to sleep.

8. Call in an open space

When looking for signals to call, the smartphone radiation is at its peak, the high low of the peak can be due to the absence of the connection barrier. If space is closed, the smartphone will emit higher radiation to penetrate the enclosed space that obstructs the signal connection.

9. Adjust screen brightness

High light intensity will cause dry eyes, but if it is too low it will make it difficult for us to see or read the smartphone. So adjust the brightness of the screen to fit your eyes.

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