Sport While Fasting, Better Afternoon or Evening? This is expert advice

Not a reason for someone not to exercise during fasting. You can keep the body fit and the fat does not accumulate while the day does not eat and drink during fasting.

"There is a body that is fresh and the body so comfortable to activity. There are so tired and easier to sleep, "said nutrition consultant Jansen Ongko in Jakarta, not long ago.

Jansen said, everyone felt the effects of different sports.

For people whose body feels fresher and precisely awake after a workout, Jansen suggests not to exercise too late.

 "Change so afternoon. If too late night even active and can not sleep,  "he said.

Jansen suggested that someone choose a low-intensity sport if he wanted to do before breaking the fast.

 "Like walking. It was okay before breaking the fast, "he said.

If you want to exercise heavily, he continued, you should wait until the fasting break. After drinking enough water and eating light sweet dishes such as dates or fruit, sports with heavy intensity can be done.

 "Pause between open with a sweet 15-20 minutes, just after that exercise, " he said.

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