Police: The destruction of Ballots in Papua's decision of ELECTION COMMISSION

JAKARTA - Video burning boxes and ballots in the District of Tingginambut, new viral in cyberspace. The police stated that the burning of the logistics are already based on the decision of the Regional Electoral Commission (NOVEMBER 24).

"It's the result of a decision of the local and ELECTION COMMISSION there was a news event of the destruction," said the National Police Headquarters Brig. Gen. HARTONO Karopenmas Earn Joon when confirmed by Republika, Thursday (25/4).

Earn explained that Election 2019 in the District of Tingginambut already completed safely on Wednesday 17 April 2019. Even the results of calculation of the sound at any time.

In the District of Tingginambut, according to him, the election is still carried out by the system or systems of noken bunch. Namely, the electoral system is fully represented to the Chairman of the local tribes.

Then, he said, on Wednesday circulated a video yesterday lasted about 5 minutes seven seconds showed the presence of a mother and children are burning the logistics of the election in front of the Office of the District of Puncak Jaya Regency Tingginambut.

The combustion-related, according to Earn an important election logistics, already secured and housed in the Glorious ELECTION COMMISSION in Puncak Jaya Regency. Does that mean he said, the documents were burned by the people in front of the Office of the High Nambut is the District Election document that was not needed anymore.

"And (the burning) it has already made its destruction event news, this is done is to prevent the misuse of documents the rest of the elections," bright Earn again.

As for the documents as documents of the plenary, 1 form C KWK, vote Recapitulation, news event counting rate of the district ELECTION COMMISSION offices had been noble and in conditions of safety.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the PPD Tingginambut Mr. Ekison Wanimbo and Chairman of Panwas, Utius Games clarify the information scattered around in social media that does not implement Tingginambut in district elections, is not true.

Elections in Papua were carried out as a national schedule i.e. Wednesday April 17, 2019 and finished according to national hours safely. After the election were carried out safely, ballots and other documents directly brought to the County safely.

"News of the event level of the PPD, C1 C1 KWK plano, as well as other important recapitulation everything we already secure. At the moment we're doing to recapitulate, which we leave only those papers that are no longer needed. Once again we reiterate the news out in social media that's not true, "said Ekison.

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