Novel Baswedan feel disappointed with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)

JAKARTA - Senior investigator in the corruption eradication Commission (KPK) Novel Baswedan feel disappointed with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The sense of despair, he said, would look at getting in the case of hard water watering hers, not also drove to the realm of law and disclosure.

The novel says, two years waiting for justice like there is no hope. But according to him, not too late for the Regent at the tip of the highest executive, still forming the Joint fact-finding team (TGPF).

"Now this, wonder if it's been waiting for two years, President (Jokowi) to what else? Isn't it the longer, it will be increasingly difficult to unfold, "said the Novel to Republika when found in the area of International Amnesty event Sudirman, South Jakarta (Jaksel), on Saturday (6/4).

Because according to him, the team Combined a Novel Case Assistant General Tito Karnavian proven without results. "So after two years (not revealed), there is no more reason for the President to wait, to immediately form the TGPF," chimes in her.

The novel says, the formation of the TGPF only way to uncover the facts of the law about the tragedy of watering the hard water on him. 41 that year investigators explain the TGPF, the establishment will be more objective reveals who the perpetrator, even intellectual actor the evil action.

The novel explains the formation of the TGPF, not subjective insistence from her as a victim. But more than that. He said, a President of the TGPF guarantees protection for the eradication of corruption.

"And this is not (TGPF) my question. It's a matter of corruption eradication fouled, bullied, and foiled, "said Novel.

He also wondered why Jokowi President's stance seemed heavy thought formed a team that objective in favor of the disclosure of systematic crimes scandal against him. "The President continues to do just want quiet? If the President remains silent, I just want to convey already, "said Novel.

The attitude of the President of Jokowi, made the Novel feel pessimistic, although there is still a chance to uncover the mastermind behind the attacks — attacks against officials and investigators, KPK. On April 11, ahead, even two years crime Novel that a planed hit not revealed. Baswedan

Two years ago, to be exact 11 April 2017, the Novel became a victim of hard water watering is done by two unidentified people in his environment, in Two Penganggsaan, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta (Jakut). The incident happened when Novel on the way home after prayers at the mosque Jami Al-Ihsan. Hard water spray that makes the Novel should lose his left eye, after intensive treatment in Indonesia, and Singapore for more than 10 months.

The insistence among civilians so evil that befalls the Novel revealed to this day continue to do. Since February 2018, supported Novel among activists and civilians asked the President of the Jokowi so that the molded TGPF.

For systematic crimes against the action of the Novel, not the first attack. Not just any Novel.

The novel tells the story, almost all investigators and some of the leadership of the KPK, often received threats and attacks. However, the insistence of President Jokowi in order to make up the TGPF to this day was not granted.

In December 2018, the National Commission on human rights (Komnas HAM) recommended that the Government undertakes legal measures related crime scandal that plagued the Novel. Answer these recommendations, on 8 January, the Assistant General of Tito Karnavian formed a unified team.

The team, formed specifically looking for facts, and evidence, as well as the investigation of crimes affecting Novel. Combined team, consisting of three elements, namely, from the national police investigators, KPK, and the Expert Council representing the people, activists of human rights.

The combined team that, led by Inspector Idham Al then became Kapaldo Metro Jaya. He was assisted by his Deputy, Brig Nico Afinto, then as Kabiro Bareskrim Polda Metro Jaya. The two higher-ranking officers that police, currently a promotion line as Kabareskrim, and Karoops at Bareskrim Mabes Polri.

The Joint team, formed with the duty for six months, to July 2019. The team is obligated to report the results of its performance to an Assistant, as the person in charge.

Now, from among civilians, as the Board of experts in the team combined, there are names like Professor Indriyanto Seno Adji who was a Vice Chairman of KPK Plt. There are also researchers Professor Hermawan Sulistyo, and academia Amzulian Rifai.

From among the activists of HUMAN RIGHTS, there is an EQUIVALENT of Hendardi Institute, Poengky, and Kompolnas of Indarti Ifdhal Kasim and Nur Kholis, former Commissioner of the National Commission of human rights. Whereas, from the KPK submit four names into the team.

However, after three months, the combined Team is yet to reveal the result. Never find actors intellectual crime against the Novel, whom the actor field sprinkler water hard against any Novel, till today not also revealed.

"It was right I guess, could not be believed Yes. I suspect not very objective. As it turns out, my hunch was right. So that's it-related national police team, "connect the Novel.

Hope that representative of the community, and HUMAN RIGHTS activists who are in the combined Team was able to work as expected, any raw for the Novel. While snickering Novel says, the team Combined an Assistant, not an independent team containing people no objective in disclosure case.

"Loh, civil people in that team's Assistant of all people. So instead of an independent people. All expert staff Assistant. Prof. Kiki expert staff Assistant, Prof. Seno Adji expert staff Assistant. So it's not people Police which? Kompolnas (shaking chuckles)? So I understood, men of which the person is Assistant. So there is attachment, which makes them not objective, "said Novel.

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