KPK Push Political Parties Corrupt Disqualified from Election

JAKARTA - Corruption in the political sector, one of which allegedly caused the high political cost in Indonesia. In addition, corruption in the political sector also occurs due to the internal environment of ecosystems on a party that is not healthy.

KPK Chairman, Agus Rahardjo said, to create a deterrent effect or prevent corruption involving political parties, can be done by pushing the passage of the rules established and hard.

According to him, this could start with increasing the grant from the Government to the ideal conditions for political parties to run their organization. With large funds that were given to the State, political parties can be audited in depth so that the party's finances transparent.
In addition, further Agus, political parties involved corruption can be given penalties, one of which could be disqualified from retention elections.

 "So we know very well that their money for anything. There is also possible if he goes against things that are regulated in the regulations, the party could be disqualification did not enter the election. These are things that need to be pushed forward,  "said Agus.?

KPK, the Fund estimates the country poured ideal to help political parties about Rp20 trillion. However, Agus reminded this country assistance provided should be coupled with transparency. The CPC can audit the financial party deeply.

 "The CPC can also enter this used for anything, then given to members, at the time a member of the campaign so that public officials how. Can go as deep as it is. So later if for example breaking the rules that we push happens then the punishment could be disqualification did not enter the election,  "he added.

In this occasion, a researcher with the Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Almas Sjafrina admitted political sector corruption issues is not only about the HOUSE, but also the condition of the political party that is not healthy. To that end, Almas said the revised LAW encourages the ICW, political parties.
According to him, the revision of the ACT on political parties is one of the entrances to prevent corruption in the political sector.

 "If we see for example Prolegnas yesterday, it's one of the political parties ACT revision will be but until now has not been discussed. But in our opinion, if we are serious, the Government and PARLIAMENT to fix serious problems of corruption in Indonesia one that must be addressed is a Lebanese political party,  "said Almas.

Through the revision of the ACT on political parties of this, said Almas, can be set regarding the magnitude of funding political parties, to the strict sanctions against the party is corrupt. ICW, bright Almas agreed with the KPK so that a portion of the funds needed political parties financed State.
Based on the calculation of the ICW, Fund State assistance provided to political parties by 30 percent of the required party. 30 percent comes from party members and 40 percent more comes from the public or third parties.

However, Almas asserts, the increase of the number of aid funds political parties will not effectively prevent corruption if not coupled with strict sanctions to those political parties who are involved in corruption.

 "Why we push the revision ACT of the Centre, the later can be arranged his sanctions. One of them, when political corruption is proven, or involved in corruption cases, or use money help from the State for corruption banned election closest elections, "he said.  ??
ALMAS asserts these rules it's possible to implement. This is because in the Elections ACT already regulated the prohibition of political parties nominates candidates at the elections in certain areas if proven to receive political Elections before cost.

 "Is it possible? It is very possible. In the Elections ACT now when political parties proved to be received in the next Elections in political cost banned nominate a candidate,  "he added.

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